Illustration Friday: THEATER

This is an illustration concept/color study for my picture book, QUINCY. He’s got a touch of stagefright…


Illustration Friday: REPEAT

Just a quick scribble to get back into the swing of things with Illustration Friday. This week’s word reminds me of the repetitive nature of babysitting/parenthood. I love my child to pieces–of course–but the monotony of day to day care can wear out anyone.


Illustration Friday: TAIL

I have so many lizard sketches and paintings, but when my adorable neighbor stopped by and wanted me to draw her, I thought this could pass as a submission for PONYTAIL. She is a terrific model–she painted while I painted. Far better than drawing someone watching tv. Her expressions were engaged in what she was doing, while tv watchers always come across as zombies.




Illustration Friday: URBAN

Here is a quick watercolor for my version of URBAN. I had sketched out some funnier cartoons, but I decided on something simpler. I have seen folks hang out frm their apartment windows in the North End in Boston, in urban areas in Italian cities, and from time to time, in New York city. Although I don’t smoke, I stare out the window sometimes myself.

Detail of URBAN


This version of Medusa as a mythological creature was painted quickly in oils, then the color altered slightly in PhotoShop. Lots more detail could go into this image, but at the moment I am a bit too busy. Will be fun to add to it later.




This is a very quick scribble I did before going on a sketch crawl with a friend of mine. It was the first idea that popped into my mind, but I couldn’t resist. If I have time to do another one, I will dig deeper. But sometimes a happy cat stretching in a sun spot is enough.

Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday


Although I’m on vacation in a house with two adorable cats and a dog, I wanted to draw something less obvious – like a camel or a catfish. I saw photos of camels that were cute, but the catish whiskers were longer and more dramatic. The pencil I was using didn’t get dark enough, but it’s the best I could do away from my usual art supplies.