This is my second contribution for Illustration Friday. The word this week is “capable.” The idea of a little girl in charge of something or someone appealed to me. I thought of a little girl getting a line of dogs to sit and behave, or a giant horse listening to her commands. But then I thought of a little girl taking care of her pet dog. So here a little girl tends to the imaginary boo-boo’s of the family pet, confident that her care will help. Although humorous, I am illustrating that we become capable through practice.

An issue I’d love feedback on with this illustration is the race of the little girl. While I have painted many different ages and races in a life painting class, simplifying features in an illustration seems tricky. I want to draw as many different characters as I see around me in New York city. But I also want to be careful that they are not caricatures of a race, and retain dignity. Preferably, I’d like viewers to not even really notice the race difference of the characters I am painting, as that would mean they look natural in their setting.



This is my first contribution for Illustration Friday. The word this week is “Fluid” and I found this image from January that seems to fit that idea. I was drawing graceful curves, then fit a character into the line. This one turned into a dancer after I drew the hem of her dress.For Illustration Friday