This version of Medusa as a mythological creature was painted quickly in oils, then the color altered slightly in PhotoShop. Lots more detail could go into this image, but at the moment I am a bit too busy. Will be fun to add to it later.




2 thoughts on “MYTH

  1. Medusa looks NICE here! (like someone who might babysit your kids, or your kid herself, or maybe even yourself). Certainly not a face that would turn you to stone. But maybe that’s a myth too–that Medusa was ugly. Maybe she wasn’t, and people only thought so, because folks turned to stone when they looked at her.

    I like this painting. I haven’t done oils for decades.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I actually started painting this about a week ago, thinking about a story I am trying to write. Medusa in the story is a bit misunderstood, hence the unusual rendering of her here. I am so glad that you see that! Thank you!

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