Illustration Friday: POWER

I was mucking around with this image, and realize it’s probably the least powerful image to go with the IF word of the week. Perhaps it represents lack of power? I know it’s a stretch. Just wanted to post something new.



10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: POWER

  1. I do not think the image represents powerlessness. I find that the look in her eyes expresses tranquility, but no lack of power.
    I like it!
    Hablas español?

      • Ja Ja, estoy bastante cerca, yo vivo en Córdoba, Argentina, te pregunté si hablas español por tu nombre, en realidad, debí preguntarte si hablas italiano!!! :)))
        Gracias por tu comentario. me gusta mucho tu pintura.
        Buena semana para tí!!!!

  2. Really? I see power. There is power in her keeping her hair natural instead if trying to look like a Barbie. There is power in her line of vision, she isn’t looking down or doe eyed or insipidly peeking out from under her eyelashes…she’s looking out st the world straight and level. The fact that she’s looking at something instead of us is equally powerful because she isn’t making us the center of her attention. I’d say you have quite a powerful piece there!

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